alexander wang's apartment
w magazine


Marcia said...

I like the rug, but not the lightning. Sort of unflattering.

Jessie said...

i laaaaaave him. and his apartment is so fabulous.

Gabrielle said...

wow.. he's apartment is amazing!!

Rebecca said...

contemporary, lotas of furrrrrrr, love this space

Violet said...

wow his apartment is living in his collections!

Vi from Cali

Julie Khuu said...

Totally not what I expected from him, although it definitely screams Studio 54 Bachelor pad with the skins, the fur, and the heavy metals...He is a total rockstar so I guess I shouldn't be that surprised...That chrome desk is pretty sick I must admit...Love interior design shots, keep 'em coming Cat!


Haute Khuuture Blog

Violet said...

yeah i agree about the lighting i would have expected bright lights to contrast the dark furniture

Vi from Cali

alisha said...

I love that his apartment completely reflects his style. So much black and grey, but in a really laid back minimalist way.

indie.electronic.alternative. said...

just when i thought he couldn't get cooler in my book. wang is the man.

fTVM said...

As always, more fantastic things from my favourite Mr. Wang. Sigh, now I look at my own place and am struck with an empty feeling... :P Love ya both!

leonie said...

simple an raw...PERFECTION!


Wrecked Stellar said...

So slick. I love all of the different textures!

Darling said...

Very black and white and in the cool sophisticated way, but unique nonetheless.


much better than gwyneth paltrow's scary-ass apartment :))

kristine said...


Alexis said...

Cool! A for Alexander table legs!

Rebekka said...

I love Alexander Wang!!!! Really good blog :)

thisiswhatidwear said...

lucky lucky boy.


Susie said...

Beautiful and dramatic! I loved the logo of your blog, very cute!


Hannah said...

If he needed a roommate, I'd so be down! This SCREAMS alexander wang and I LOVE IT!

ThE fAsHiOn WoRsHiPeR said...

Love how minimal it is...can't wait to see/read the editorial :)

XoOX-Kelli K

Anonymous said...

wow, it screams tacky nightclub. i can't imagine waking up, opening the windows, and having coffee in that living room.

LDM said...

love love love him! love his apartment too but doesn't look too cozy!

xx from hong kong :)

Emily said...

The photos are terrible, what a shame. He's such a brilliant designer.

magnet. said...

soooo fitting. his new store in soho is awesome too!

Stacey Kelly said...

this apartment reflects his collection aesthetic too... what im mean to say is, i could def see myself living here.. sitting on that couch, wearing all Alexander Wang of course.. ;)

luli said...

hmmm would prefer if the floor was white, its a little too dark for me

Julie said...

It's amazingggggg!!!!!

linsey sijmons said...

What a hell of an apartment! WAUW! I dream of a interior like that...

Love from,

Asha said...

it's bit tacky for my taste. And it seems a bit cold. I thought his place would be more relaxed in osme ways? He always looks chill and "whatever", but this seems like he's tried to hard.

Sorry. He seems cool though.

Naftali Stern said...

Like the white bust his hand is resting on but agree with Asha above, that its somewhat tacky.


smokey onix said...

omg i totally love his apartment


BespokeRose said...

I do like the table

kelly frances said...

hes so talented!


Love him. Wish There were MORE PICS!!


ZORNITSA said...

looks good, but personally not my style

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