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jessica hart


Salina said...

Absolutely love the second look. Perfection!

Mon said...

I want her bracelet from the 1st picture. And I agree with Salina, the second looks is perfection.

Mon said...

I want her bracelet from the 1st picture. And I agree with Salina, the second looks is perfection.

Fashion Chalet said...

The gap in her teeth is THE cutest thing and I love that last dress with the studded Chucks! <3


Gypsy Stardust said...

Love her style.


Catherine said...

What simple, comfortable looking outfits. She also picks really nice colors for her skin tone. I think blondes look great in charcoal gray!

- Catherine at Littlehouse of Style

Myrthe said...

first is my favorite, I like her style,,
although in the third pic I don't think the docs are really flattering ;)

Anonymous said...

her blog is the best

Fashion Queen said...

She is so pretty.

Is This Real Life? said...

Love her, she is awesome!

Emily and Abigail said...

lust lust lusting the denim on denim! and all of the delicious combat boots :) great post!

Bex said...

Haha I did a post on Jessica Hart a couple of days ago, she's gorgeous! I love that last picture, that maxi dress and rucksack is great!

Bex said...

Haha I did a post on Jessica Hart a couple of days ago, she's gorgeous! I love that last picture, that maxi dress and rucksack is great!

Marie said...

am I the only one who remembers her from The City, she's a friend of Jays. Crazy beautiful though..

AH said...

i love her!

Mcmaris said...

shes awesome & so is her lil pup

Carolina Krews said...

I remember her from The City. She's beautiful woman with great style.



nikol said...

She's like 1 out of the 5 people in this world who can pull off a gap in her tooth and just be absolutely gorgeous. haha
Yeah I wouldn't mind having her wardrobe thats for sure.

Marion Leetmaa said...

Looking good! :)

Marion Leetmaa said...

Looking good! :)

katkas said...

love her style!!
cool blog

Arlie said...

I love them all - especially the last mix of prints, glasses, sneakers.... it all goes together perfectly wrong. haha

mara said...

love the fedora hat, boots, and dress. ALL BLACK. im obsessed!


green ink said...

who knows makes the second dress? i love it so much..need it.

Vfriedrich said...

She rocks those "Brad" glasses! I've always loved her, but never thought she was a fit for Sports Illustrated.

Check out my posting today; I offer some words on Taco Bell's new street tacos and my love for Rachel Zoe. XO Valerie

Lara Woodbine said...

Lots and Lots of Pooches :) Love the last picture.


Francesca said...

that second picture is amazing!

F <-- Texas gal bloggin fashion from NYC!

HannaV said...

She's got real cool outfits

X'tian Ou said...

love all the photos!

Ellen said...

those first two outfits are jaw dropping

Anonymous said...

The black oxford wedges are so adorable! <3

Skin & Wood Vintage,

MT Days & Nights said...

gosh, all her outfits are soooo inspiring!

Elena Vasilieva said...

wow, these looks are fabulous, especially loved the first photo styled all in denim, jess looks gorgeous



Briana Le & Merissa Ren said...

where did this girl come from!? and with such amazing style, and adorable puppy!


epeaa said...

that crochet top is gorgeous

Mystery Bruises said...

ahhh i love jess!
awesome stuff i love your blog

Fashion Tadpole said...

Love her style. Very unique!

like a fox said...

love jess, she is so lovely.

check out aussie style blog LIKE A FOX at

franca maisha said...

that last dress is perfect!!

Danique said...

She is wonderful !
Amazing blog, congrats :D
visit mine !

Celeste said... xx

JoeyAna said...

I love her floral maxi!


Ms K said...

I love all her outfits!
especially the floral maxi=)


Nathalia said...

This girl got style! Such a great inspirational post. As usuall!

Vanessa Deloza said...

Great style. Love all her looks. Loving the studded chuks


Stephanie said...

I really love all of her outfits, especially the 2nd one!

"fashion fades, only style remains the same" - Coco Chanel

Amber said...

gap is back!


Jade said...

ew, she tries to hard....nice geek glasses, *projectile vommits*


Haha, love her gap!

Emma said...

Jessica is awesome. And she's Australian which makes her even more awesome.
I still remember when she won the dolly model comp.


devilishlypleasurable said...

the last one is awesome

therawpower said...

I wanted to say that I like the 2nd pic, but then I kept rolling down, and now I want to say I like every single picture…
Great post
all about fashion – streetstyle, models, editorial, personal and etc….
feel free to leave me comments.


jakarech said...

LOVE ALL these looks!!

Jessica said...

i heart jessica hart sooo much!
i dont know, when i see her, she just reminds me a bit of kate moss.

Anonymous said...

Saved all the looks... she's awesome


Anonymous said...

Saved all the looks... she's awesome


Anonymous said...

Omg, have u seen this new blogger at Carolines Mode-Stockholm street style? Hype.
They brought in a model who's gonna blog there now. She's a absolute goddess, just look at the first outfit post that they posted on her!

The dress is just PERFECTION.
/Molly said...

classic street chic!!

stacey kelly said...

she's so cool, i love her style && her blog.


A. said...

I love the third pic ! Wonderful

Anonymous said...

this blog makes me feel so fat and ugly :<

pilcuis said...

I love the first picture so simple :)

minnja said...


LOVE minnja

Gala is Love said...

I want studs on my converse too !!!

Lizy Curtis said...

she looks so good all the time!

miriam said...

i love that she has a diastema

Theonlyfashionprincess said...

Nice pictures. Like your blog! Hope you will become a follower of my blog too.

Alex Ingram said...

So beautiful
Check out my blog @
Follow me on twitter @ tuxandtie

Suzy LeQ said...

amazing. she's seriously amazing. love. love. love.


daisy kate said...

I pretty much need to have her legs.

Please take a look at my brand new blog, Fashion Stereotype I've followed your blog for ages now and would really appreciate any feedback or advice you may have :) Thank you!

SachaStrebe said...

i love Jess too and she's just as casually beautiful in person also... had the privilege of meeting her backstage at Myer fashion show, she is now youth ambassador for... check out my blog for backstage pics of us hamming it up -

Antonio Barros said...

She looks so pretty in the 1st pic!!!

A Shopaholic is loose said...

Such cool style-photos! Love the second one... ;-D

HUGS fra
A Shopaholic is loose... ;0)

Grace said...

The girl has got it.

Love Grace.

cleo said...

she always looks gorgeous:) i really really adore her!!

Ashley said...

I love her Bracelet..shes looking gorgeous xoxo

Dirty Closet said...

increible la ultima foto, un look increible, lo adoro!

Ana Martín † said...

Love your blog, all the pics are amazing! I hope you like my new shoot: "Les champs de blé", all the images at:


Victoria and Danni said...

PERFECTION. (love the studded converse)

kk said...


Rachel Lynne said...

love her style! those peep toe booties are stunning, and I love how she can pull off those combat boots


silviasiantar said...

this is amazing. I am in love


folktime said...

she is wonderful!

louboutin chaussures said...

J'aime votre message et il est à la mode

Anonymous said...

Go to to view more beautiful pictures of Jessica.

JJ Scholl said...

she is outrageous. killer blog, just added it to my list of favorites. would be honored to be on your blogroll.
JJ Scholl

Rheanne said...

love all of these outfits! ♥
^^please follow

Love, x

Sleeveless said...

Love this blog - always enjoy your posts!

Love for you to check ours out when you get a chance!


Wełniane Bambosze i Pantofle Wełniane said...

She rocks ! Love the fact that she wears coolshoes with outfits that most of the people would never wear them to.

Anonymous said...

that dog was sooooooooooo cute!


The girl.. said...

Love her style!!!
Your blog is perfect ^^

Follow me:

Becca Dudley said...

She is just perfect, what great style! And I want her dog baaadly! xx

Valerie said...

her legs are to die and be born again for!! love her style

-Indie Queen

Niki B. said...

she has unreal style. and her doggy is cute too!

x Niki
A Haute Mess

Cami said...


ALIOMI said...

she's so fantastic, pulls anything & everything off. mmm, great!


popdisorder said...

she is absolutely stunning!

The Style Spotter said...

she's adorable!

julia said...

oh I love her style! amazing looks all of them! :)

Mademoiselle Frou-Frou said...

style looks so effortless on someone so beautiful!
xxo alison

ghost crab said...

what a cute dog!!!

Elegantly Wasted said...

Brand of jumpsuit / romper in the second picture?

One6 said...

Photos/style like this makes me proud Im australian! love it :)
check out my blog:

therawpower said...

Great pictures !! I like the first picture the most !
Thanks so much for sharing
Nice blog
A fashion blogger based in Australia and Hong Kong.
Stay tune for my “what is in my bag” post.
you can also follow me on twitter
and blog lovin


Juliet said...

She is so cute!

juliet xxx

Michael Oats said...

Hi, I just uploaded my blog! Take a look!


kirstyb said...

oh to be a model xxx

Petro Zillia said...

LOVE the dog in the first photo!
he makes the outfit!
Check out our blog!

Haidée said...

love your doggy so cute and love your dress xx

costra y ampolla said...

She's SOOOOO cool!

marina said...

very coooollllll!!!!!

Jes said...


brobrand said...

awesome post..:)

iamglen said...

yeah , please update this blog more often

daisy kate said...

I want to be jessica!

Fashion Stereotype

Delightfully Dott said...

I love her style...its amazing!
Love the converse.

Reina said...

LOVe that lace shirt and the maxi

Stevie Young Gun said...

is bangin! <3 Her! X

Anonymous said...

anyone know what breed the dog is SO CUTE

shae said...

shes so perfect... i love every single outfit and she rocks them soo well. its a plus that she has a gap..shes so beautiful! hooolllyy!

Anonymous said...

!someone needs to tell that girl to wear a bra / stop shopping at General Pants. *YAWNNNNNNNNNNNNNN*

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