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had to post it
abbey lee



my favourite from this editorial...

so good.

caylee said...

she's my hero.
i want bangs so bad!

Rock N Revolution said...


Erica said...

one of my faves from that shoot


inked said...


Style (R)evolution said...

love the dip dye hair

cat said...

just great! colorrr yay
xx cat
CiTiEs of B

Morning Glory said...

Ignoring the hair...OBSESSED with the dress! Amazing!

alex Stoltze said...

gorgeous picture, love the hair with the dress, so original and crazy and beautiful.

Jacqueline said...

Gorgeous photo of her. love the dress.


Rae said...

I can see why you had to the post this! It's gorgeous!!


Brooklynfluff said...

I love the bubble-gum hair color trend, wish i could try it, damn you black hair!

LaU said...

i love the bubblegum hair!!!! beautiful pic!

Emily said...

she is GORGEOUS. definitely saving this


Kimberley said...

She is amazing!

Coco and Zaahb said...

She's perfection x10


Ane said...

crazy bout her hair. think i'll get it cut just like that..
and the lips? NEED to try that out ;)

would love it if you could check out my blog. brand new

LoveMore said...


She is the shiiiiit. Obsessed even I think.

Hope you are well my girl!

xxx Bel

Birthday Girl said...

ooooh my stars how beauitful! i heart abbey lee!



angie said...

oh my this is so so so amazing!

Juliet said...

God the hair is amazing!

juliet xxx

eeva amanda said...

this is so beautiful ! I love the colour of the lips!


annamargrete said...


Irene Colzi said...

Lovely pics!
I use this for my blog with credits! I hope you don't mind!

Come and see my blog.. i would be really glad!
Irene's Closet


Mattamorphis said...

What dress is that again?

WANI! said...

ZOMG! I love this!


Lucía Rubio said...

mm nice hair.
love the backpack in the down post (L)

Lizzifer said...

Abbey Lee is fantastic, even clothed!

Stace said...

Wow I would never be able to pull that off, but she looks AMAZING!

I'm in love, PLUS she's from my hometown. Amazing girl she is!

Stace x


ELLE said...

I love it. The colours are just so tasty!

Rebecca said...

abbey lee, always cool as fuck

italian fashion holiday. said...

oh, abbey lee. i'm growing more fond of her by the day!

p.s i love your blog! :)

MoMo said...


Karoline said...

I remember that I wanted to dye my hair pink when I was younger, I actually did it to, but it become darker than I wanted it to be.
Anyays... Everything about this pic is fab, her hair, her lip color, the dress and of course herself!

fakeperfectionn said...

that is such a cool alternative if u wanna try out a crazy hair color!

amythewolf said...

wow. jungle mania. i'd like to be her for a day or two.

Is This Real Life? said...

wow, she is one cool chick, right?

Laia Chic said...

I love that photos

April Joy said...

Love the colors!

Karen said...

Orange lippie!!!!

Karen x

Ani said...


MrJeffery said...

i love this look! and the dress!

Alice D. Millionaire said...

hot orange + hot pink + abbey lee = an insane amount of hottness that words just don't do justice.

alice d.

brogan said...

she looks absolutely incredible, i wish i could do this to my own hair xoxo


madeleine said...

I love her!


mimi sioux said...

haha how cuuute

tiny-lights said...

I love the title :)

Keep Turning On: Tiny-Lights

Rebecca said...

abbey is the coolest


Fashion Tadpole said...

wow this pic is so vibrant and abbey lee looks great as always




Mattamorphis said...

What dress is that again:(

Anonymous said...

I love it plus the light blue nail polish and fluro green/blue dress screams out funky!

Ugly Cute said...

shes so good


adam said...

abbey lee :D

thehautepursuit said...

this is the only time I wish I had really light hair again...so I could dye my hair blue or my tips pink...oh...sigh!

Heather said...

Love her hair!!


ShouldaWouldaCoulda said...


Zoe said...

this is the best editorial i am so in love! and i'd love to try this hair maybe?


Anonymous said...

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