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mackenzie and rachel are the owners of a really sick jewellery line called littersf, and they were sweet enough to take the time to answer a few questions. thank you!

1. for those who don't know, can you explain what LITTER is?

LITTER is a creative house out of San Francisco where my sister Mackenzie and I make jewelry, accessories, and clothing for men and women. Most everything we make comes from deconstructing old costume jewelry, belts, vintage chains, and then we rework them into new pieces. We love taking the age old idea of jewelry and giving it new life and new places on the body to wear it.

We started it officially in January 09 and have been enjoying the ride...

2)where did you get the idea of making chained shoulder pieces?

Mackenzie and I have a studio space that we work out of in SF. There is this table in the middle of the room with a mountain (not even kidding, a MOUNTAIN) of chains and trinkets piled high. We just pull from the table and let the creativity take shape on its own. One day Mackenzie just put some chain over her shoulder because she was going to make something to go over the back, and ended up with the idea to strap the chains to the shoulder using a stretchy vintage watch band. Now, we make them in all different styles, and have found that you can wear the shoulder pieces on a bare arm, or even over your clothing if you want.

3.) if littersf was to be a designer/fashion label what would it be?

I guess we never thought about that. We really like the idea of building our own brand with ideas that are new and haven't been done before. There are plenty of designers we love to death, and get inspiration from, but overall we are hoping to see LITTER become a strong name in the fashion world all on its own.

4.) where do you get the inspiration for your jewelry?

Most of the time it starts at the flea markets or thrift shops where we find the chains and belts, etc. If we find something amazing, the wheels in our heads immediately start turning. We can't wait to get back into the studio and start designing with it. We use the body form to drape and we use each other as models, and just start mixing and matching with what we have.

5.)have you always been interested in making jewelry?

Our Grandma was a jewelry designer, so when we were kids we would go into her studio and make stuff out of beads and such, but that was the extent of it. It wasn't until 15 years later that we came to start LITTER and showed any real interest in jewelry making. In fact, we never really even wore jewelry because there wasn't anything that ever really caught our eye.

6.) aside from litter sf what else consumes your time?

We love to travel, and have really decided now that we've started LITTER we want to do it more. I think we would get so much inspiration from other parts of the world, and I am sure we could find some amazing new materials to work with. As far as consuming our time, we love animals, and have had our apartment compared to a farm before! We have 2 huge dogs and 2 cats!

7.) have you thought of introducing your jewelery to devendra banhart?

Of course we have! He's so dreamy to us! We love his music and his look. We have had some close opportunities to get the jewelry in his hands, but they didn't come to be. Stay tuned for that.....

finally, random fact about you/littersf

Hahaha. OK, here's a good one: Our Step Dad was one of the founders of Crocs (the ugly shoes, yes) Its not like we were ever huge die hard fans of Crocs, but we have taken a lot of good out of seeing it become what it is today. Crocs was something new and something people hadn't seen before, and in turn it became a huge success. That has been a really motivating story for us, because we feel like we are trying to do something new as well. Some love us and some hate us, but it might just be the ones who love us that help make LITTER into a brand that people recognize.

visit their blog & store & moxie


Is This Real Life? said...

Oh great interview and some amazing pieces! Sounds like an awesome brand!

CB said...

The old header is back. yeah!
the photos are so cool.

johanna said...

the new header is much better than the old similar one. amazinnng.

i love these head/hair jewelry thingies, feathers and chain-y stuff.

paperbag said...

these girls are amazing. so glad you will be giving them the much needed exposure

Barb. said...

i loved your blog!

Bijou and Ruby said...

Oh this stuff is so rad, I want it I need it...oh baby oh baby!


SATORI said...


Love their stuff. The head gear is indian-ish inspired. I scored some similar silver stuff the last time I went to India, I think in 2000.

Also, I'm in love with your new header! Good ole' Daria, the ciggie and your sexy new logo.

nanananice! Love your blog!


caroline said...

Love the head pieces.

Katrine said...

Those jewl are to die for!
- Loove the new/old header! It's better than the old and also better than that simple one (;

NADINE said...

waaauwieee great shotss!!!
and awesome interview!!


Violet said...

Ooh I loveeee your new header!! Super hot!!

Cindy Khor said...

super hot outfits, love those layer and layers of chains... and the name of their brand is unique too

margault said...

super cute new header !
love it

Georgia said...

love the photos, love the new (and improved) header!

It would be mine

Styleseeking Zurich said...

The interview was very interesting to read and their jewelry very inspiring and beautiful!


alyssa said...


i love these girls!! i cannot wait to go to their studio and have something made. they are so inspirational and i really hope only the best for them and for litter sf.

yay mackenzie and rachel!!

Tough Cookie said...

Very cool! I am digging the chains.

divine bunny said...

love the rings and shoulder pieces.

so fab

Felicia said...

The hair pieces.

tori courtice said...

really amazing blog. the first one i check each day.

thanks for being so different!!
p.s i love the new header.

i would love for you to check out my blog

Ginnifer said...

very awesome interview. & sick pieces as well. Shoulder chains? Ingenious

Coonbear said...

i like the interview and the photos. and i really like the header. great work!!!

Champagne Wishing said...

i just did a post on these ladies too! check out the arm chain and KNEE cuff on my blog, I seriously want to see someone pull off the knee piece!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the interview. The new header is great too dude. x

Malin said...

i love your new header!

Anonymous said...

that is one wicked cool header!


L A D Y E L E C T R I Q U E said...

ugh, so good. Love all those lovely pieces

LITTER said...

We love you. Thanks you so much!!!

shimu's holiday said...

that lace top!!!

Pan's Holiday

Iole said...

great pics and great collection

caylee said...

who wouldn't love to get their hands on some of their jewelry; it's awesome!

Helle said...
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Helle said...

wow amazing. love the hair chains I need one! And that beautiful scorpian chain ring-hot! it would be great in gold. this blog is a ray of sunshine in my life!

Jager said...

i'm obsessed with LITTER. thank you so much for this interview!

loveee your blog.


meghan said...

i've never been that into jewelry but WOW i love this

Jazibelle said...

i just found these girls yesterday and was drooling over their pieces. i also thought to myself this is something you would love. it's so hard to find unique, attractive pieces of jewelry these days. i wish them the best of luck.

btw, the old/new header is fantastic! im glad its back.

Styledrop said...

Thanks for the tip! love those head bands. And they seem to have other cool stuff too...

Anonymous said...

What font is your header?!? I love it!

Jennifer said...

Brilliant! Love there work!

glamur_p said...

I love this two girls<3

Yanii said...

hello i love your jewellery, they look fantastic. I'm also interested in jewellery making and also fashion design. Still thinking weather i should go to university in london or stay in my home town and then move to london after university. Did you just learn jewellery design from your grandama's experieces?

zana bayne said...

i love mack & rach. werk!

Heavy Metal Fashion said...

Such an amazing blog and line!

I posted about their wicked studded shoe harnesses a while back...

love the interview! Thanks!


Jules said...

positively amazing! I love the rings, I am so a LITTER fan now...thanks so much for featuring this cat!

K said...

i've been making chained shoulder pieces for ages and was going to begin selling them, as well. some of their stuff looks pretty good.

sheila said...

i love the pics and the style.

hair accessories said...

Nice photos and great interview! Both of you looks more beautiful with those hair chains! :)

Anonymous said...

amazing jewellery

i saw some similar recently on ebay i think, under "pamela love style" or something.

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